Garlic Farm

  • Elephant Garlic
  • Hardneck Garlic

Once the Garlic has been picked we get it ready to dry. Garlic Heads are checked, excess stock removed, and Garlic placed in a Drying Shed for 4 weeks.   

We plant in October and Harvest around the end of June or Beginning of July. We to take pride in how we get our land ready for Garlic. We are Certified Naturally Grown.  


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We are a Garlic farm located out in the Countryside of Jacksonville, OR. We have Mountains, Forests, and Creeks close by. These Natural surroundings makes it the Perfect location to grow Garlic. 


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Our Products:

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A New Generation of Farming


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From the Farm to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating. We eat Garlic and Elephant Garlic almost every day. Be Healthy and know where your food comes from. We use "Back to Eden" farming concepts. Hand Weeding and Wood Chips on top of the soil helps keep the weeds out and keeps the good bugs in the soil. All of our Garlic comes with free Dirt.   

After the Garlic has been Dried it is ready for Delivery. We welcome Farm Visits. Hand pick the Garlic you want or we can ship it. USPS Flat Rate boxes. Contact us. 

Meet your Farmer!

Hi I am James your Farmer. We grow Elephant Garlic and Hardneck Garlic. Hand planted and harvested. We are located in Southern Oregon. Surrounded by Woods, Mountains and Wildlife. No Chemicals have ever been used on the farm and we are Certified Naturally Grown. Contact me. Ask about doing a Farm Visit.